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Backwater Reptiles is an online company registered in California that provides
reptiles for sale, including amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions. Their website is very well designed, and the speed and professionalism with which they respond to e-mailed questions is nothing short of incredible. They also offer wholesale reptiles for sale if you own a pet shop or the like.

I wanted to create this page to pass on what an excellent organization I believe them to be, and the superior experiences I've had ordering through them. I cannot recommend more highly, whether you're purchasing Bearded dragons, or any other reptile or amphibian.

Order #1

So, I decided to order a Mata mata turtle. They're just so cool. Once the order was placed, I crossed my fingers, hoping to get something really special. When the package arrived, it was more than a little exciting. The box was clean and crisp, and filled neatly with fresh packing material. Then I pulled out a dixie cup containing the mata mata turtle. It was beautiful! I took the turtle out and it was absolutely perfect. Not one molecule out of place. A shell length of 4.25 inches, and a bright red underside.

In the weeks since, my turtle is healthy, and a fish-eating machine. Overall, in every way, a great purchase. Couldn't be happier. Here is a picture of the mata mata I ordered through Backwater Reptiles:

Backwater Reptiles review

Order #2

A few weeks later, I found the desire to order more animals too much to resist. So, I went back to and looked through page after page of pure temptation. I finally settled on ordering 12 Eastern newts, and three Egyptian uromastyx. I placed my order and the very next morning my package arrived!

Again, the animals were neatly and safely packed, and as healthy and perfect as can be. I can't tell you how happy I am! The newts are all healthy (with nice fat bellies) and eating blackworms, and the uros are just amazing. They've got all their toes and nails, and not a nick or imperfection anywhere. Here are some pictures from the glorious day of arrival: review
Review of Backwater Reptiles


Throughout the entire process, whenever I had questions, Backwater Reptiles always got back to me quickly, sometimes within minutes. They answered my questions about what to feed the mata matas (since goldfish are not good feeders), how to breed the newts, and more.